1:1 Rehabilitation

At Latitude Wellbeing we understand that whether you have just been diagnosed, are working through your treatment, or finished treatment a while back, cancer can leave you feeling not quite yourself.  Our goal is to get you moving again, to listen to the things that are important to you and make you feel like you!....

What we offer

A 1:1 physiotherapy assessment in your own home at a time to fit around naps and feeds.

We will look at breathing, posture, alignment and how you move your body as well as an in depth assessment of the abdomen, checking any tummy gap and how well you are using your deep core muscles. 

We will then create a simple and practical exercise plan around the goals you set.

When can I have a 1:1 ?

Your body will go through a huge amount of healing by itself in the first few weeks after giving birth.  For that reason we recommend waiting around 6 weeks before booking.  But once postnatal, always postnatal, so even if your baby is is all grown up now, if you continue to experience discomfort or difficultly with deep core and pelvic floor, you can still benefit from a 1:1 assessment.

what next?

Many women like to book a block of sessions to gradually progress the exercises and goals together.  However once you have regained your deep core control you are more than welcome to join us at one of our Mother and Baby exercise classes. 


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