mother & baby Yoga

benefits of mother & baby yoga?

Practicing yoga with your baby each week encourages mutual relaxation, creating space for bonding whilst recovering pelvic and abdominal strength.

Known Benefits:

  • Safely strengthen your abdominal muscles to encourage recovery of pregnancy separation

  • Improve pelvic floor control and strength

  • Work on deep core strength reducing the risk of post pregnancy or posture related low back pain

  • All over body strengthening and conditioning

  • Strengthen and reduce tension in neck and shoulders from regular feeding or holding baby

  • Relaxation for you and your baby creating space for bonding

  • Sensory stimulation and relaxation for babies which can improve sleeping patterns

  • Meet other local parents

What to expect

Yoga with your baby can offer a special opportunity for bonding and relaxation together in a completely non-judgmental space.  We know babies can be a little unpredictable, so all you have to do is show up and be with your baby how you both need that day.  Feeding, crying and sleeping are completely expected and welcome in class, there is never any need to leave the room, unless for your own comfort.  With that in mind, each week can bring something a little different but always include gentle flowing yoga and stretches for mum and baby, breath work, baby rhymes, pelvic floor and relaxation.

All Latitude classes are taught by a qualified physiotherapist so you can rest assured that there will always be inclusive and thoughtful options to welcome all levels.  If you have any particular injuries or questions about the class please feel free to get in touch with Hayley here.

What to bring

  • All mats and props are provided but if you would be happier with your own mat you're welcome to bring it along.

  • Wear anything that you are comfortable to move in and warm enough to relax in.

  • Drinks for you and your baby

  • Blanket for your baby

when can i start?

We recommend you wait until you have been given the go ahead by your GP at your post natal check before starting.  Generally this is around 6 weeks for natural birth and up to 12 weeks for caesarian deliveries.

If you have questions or specific goals before this time, you may benefit from physiotherapy or a 1:1 session.  Contact Hayley here to find out more.

Classes are suitable until your baby is crawling.

We don’t currently have any spaces in open classes. If you would like to find out more about 1:1 Sessions, Workshops, Retreats or set up a class in your Workplace, please get in contact.


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