rehab after surgery or illness  


You've done the hard bit already going through surgery or illness, but getting back to your best self can sometimes feel a way off.  Having a physiotherapist visit you at home can be a great way to progress rehabilitation when you haven't yet achieved all the goals you would like to around the house or are not yet comfortable out and about.

Physiotherapy can also help at home to improve 

  • Confidence with mobility
  • Falls prevention
  • Improve strength, coordination and fitness
  • Balance assessments
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Help avoid further hospital admissions.


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What we offer

A 1:1 physiotherapy assessment in your own home at a time to fit around your schedule.  Depending on your operation, any ongoing precautions and most importantly your own goals, we will assess your movement and work together on a series of exercises to improve your confidence and rehabilitation. 

Relaxation and meditation can also be incorporated where appropriate. 

We will then create a simple and practical exercise plan around the goals you set.

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