June Workshops

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Mindfulness in Movement and mind

- Gentle Vinyasa Flow and Guided Meditation Workshop

11:00 - 13:00

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Fresh Ground Church, Clapham Junction


Phantai and Hayley (Latitude Wellbeing) invite you to let go of your week and empower your weekend.  Join us for a 90 minute restorative workshop to practice mindfulness through slow yoga flows, conscious breath, deep peaceful stretches and an extended yoga nidra relaxation meditation.  

Never done yoga or mindfulness meditation before?  No problem! Just bring yourself to enjoy the benefits that relaxation and restoration can have on your body and mind as we learn how to do less, to achieve more.

Restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation helps us connect to the parasympathetic nervous system that allows your body and brain to settle into “rest and digest” mode.  Learning simple mindfulness, movement and breath techniques are proven to help lower heart rate, blood pressure and reduce overall impacts of stress. Throughout the workshop we will use simple breath techniques, yoga movements and relaxation to leave you feeling rested and ready for your weekend.  There is no experience necessary so it is a great opportunity for beginners and anyone wanting to let go and restore internal balance after a busy week.



- 90 minutes of yoga,

- Breathing exercises,

- Extended relaxation through a guided yoga nidra meditation,

- Veggie treats and yoga goodies.  


- Coffee shop available in the building.

What better way to start your day?


Workshops Coming Soon

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A deep look at the psoas muscle

Physio led workshop, yoga class & extended relaxation yoga nidra. 

If you follow any yoga teachers or blogs online you may well have come across the infamous psoas muscle recently.  But what exactly is it, where is it and why is it such a hot topic these days?

Join experienced physiotherapist and yoga teacher Hayley from Latitude wellbeing for a 2 hour workshop to explore all of these questions.  We will look at the anatomy, and how it functions both in day to day activities and in yoga practice as well as why it is now gaining notoriety and interest from neuroscientists as a muscle that can hold and respond to chronic stress and trauma.

Following our discussion we will put learning to practice by indulging in an hour long, grounding yoga class for the psoas and release into an extended relaxing yoga Nidra practice.

Suitable for all levels, students and teachers.


  • Explanation and open discussion on the psoas,

  • Practical exercises to locate the psoas,

  • 60 minute yoga class

  • Extended relaxation and yoga Nidra

  • Lecture Handouts

  • Yoga Goodie Bags

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What is the core: Explore and Restore

Physio led workshop, yoga class & extended relaxation yoga nidra

What springs to mind when you think of the core? Sits ups? Perhaps the dreaded planks?  People are often surprised to discover that the true core is actually made up of a collection of deep subtle muscles working at all times to help stabilize your spine, pelvis and breath.  An injury or even a lot of hours at a desk however can sometimes knock these muscles a little out of sync, leaving us vulnerable to discomfort in the back, neck or shoulders when we try powerful movements or postures.

Join experienced physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher Hayley from Latitude Wellbeing to discover exactly what makes up the core.  Using a combination of Pilates and Physiotherapy principles this 2 hour workshop will explore how to locate and access the deep core muscles to keep you safe in class and build strength in the right places to progress towards those trickier poses.  We will then look at how this mirrors the ancient yoga principles of Bandha’s or locks in the body both physically and energetically for a truly holistic approach to strength as we share a 60 minute core yoga practice and extended relaxation and yoga Nidra.  Handouts and yoga goodie bags will be provided

Suitable for all levels, students and teachers.


  • Explanation and open discussion on the deep core,

  • Practical exercises to locate the deep core,

  • 60 minute yoga class

  • Extended relaxation and yoga Nidra,

  • Lecture handouts

  • Yoga Goodie bags.


Please note, if you have recently given birth, had any abdominal or spinal surgery or have any other relevant medical conditions for a core class please contact Hayley@LatitudeWellbeing.com to discuss any necessary adaptations prior to booking.


All are workshops are taught by Hayley who brings more than 12 years experience in physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates to her yoga teaching and workshops.  


As a Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor Hayley has a wealth of experience in the impact that injury, illness and inactivity can have on a person’s health and wellbeing.   It was whilst recovering from her own injury however, that she discovered yoga and meditation. Inspired by the boost to strength, energy levels, and clarity after classes, Hayley trained in yoga and mindfulness to offer the same benefits to her patients and further specialised to work with children and pre/post natal clients.   

With a masters base in neuroscience Hayley continued to explore the benefits of practice for the body and also the mind.  The further she explored, the more similarities she discovered in all areas and Latitude Wellbeing was born, to create a dynamic blend of the philosophy of the East with the research background of the West.

Influenced by travels, teachers and peers, Hayley continues to develop an interest in yoga philosophy, breath and mindfulness practice and combines this with her physio and rehab background to create a holistic and inclusive approach to movement for all abilities, ages, and health conditions.  

When not on her mat, Hayley can be found working as a physio, travelling, singing, enjoying Tai chi or drinking tea.