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Benefits of pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy can be a busy time with lots to prepare and adjust to, but committing to a small amount of time each week to focus on yourself and your changing body can offer huge benefits for you and your baby.  

Known benefits:

  • Improved awareness and control of pelvic floor

  • Safe strengthening of deep abdominal & buttock muscles

  • Reduced risk of pregnancy related pelvic or back pain

  • Increased upper body strength ready for feeding and holding your baby

  • Improved circulation and swelling management

  • Improved posture

  • Improved strength & exercise tolerance to aid post natal recovery

  • Breathing and position preparation for birth

  • Reduced stress levels for yourself and your baby

  • Improved sleep

  • Become comfortable with your changing body & bond with your growing baby

  • Meet other local mums to be

What to expect: 

Yoga during pregnancy can offer a valuable chance to explore and become comfortable with your changing body whilst meeting other local mums to be.  Classes include a series of mindful flowing postures and place a strong emphasis on connecting to the pelvic floor and breath work.  Each class will work through strength, balance and birth positions before an extended relaxation. 

All classes are taught by a qualified physiotherapist, so you can rest assured there will always be inclusive and thoughtful options to welcome all levels

If you have any particular questions about classes please feel free to get in touch with Hayley here.

Who is pregnancy yoga for?:

Classes are open to all healthy pregnant women from any time in the second trimester until birth. 

You are welcome to join us at any level.  Whether this is your first time on a mat or have a keen yoga practice in the past, there are always options and modifications throughout to welcome all abilities, stages of pregnancy and energy levels. 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or serious complications with your pregnancy, please check with your GP before attending or you can contact Hayley here to discuss further.

What to bring: 

Wear anything that you are comfortable to move and relax in.

All equipment is provided but if you would be happier with your own mat you're welcome to bring it along.

Don't forget to bring along a water bottle to keep hydrated. 

Comments on classes

Pregnancy Yoga at home

If you are keen to explore the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga but cant fit in a class, why not try a 1:1 session in the comfort of your own home?

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“Hayley has amazing knowledge and skill of how to adapt her class to you personally. I loved the prenatal classes I attended!!” - Jacqui

We don’t currently have any spaces in open classes. If you would like to find out more about 1:1 Sessions, Workshops, Retreats or set up a class in your Workplace, please get in contact.