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At Latitude we like to think we have a little something for everyone. We know that there is no such thing as one size fits all for these things, so whether you want to try yoga or meditation for the first time, recover from injury or deepen your knowlegde and practice, we offer a range of 1:1 services, workshops, retreats and corporate wellbeing packages to get you there. We can even travel to you, leaving you more time to enjoy the benefits!

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“Great classes - Highly recommended!

Hayley is an experienced and intuitive instructor who provides individual support and encouragement” - Liz G


”I’ve been to yoga classes before, but Hayley’s classes are the only ones I have found which really gets into the correct positioning of yoga and she is great at showing how small movements make a big difference! Her classes have a great atmosphere and above all are fun!” - Rosie G


”Hayley’s warm welcome, natural teaching manner and calm, yet very clear instruction put me at ease within minutes.

She manages to balance demonstration of the poses, with walking around the class to check if need further guidance beautifully and is so encouraging. The level of difficulty is perfect; she enables the stronger students to progress whilst not leaving anyone behind, and the universal feeling of calm and composure we all feel after her classes is so apparent.

I cannot recommend her more highly to anyone looking out to start in yoga, or anyone with experience who is wanting to take their practice to the next level.” - Nikki B


”I can’t recommend Hayley enough! I was so impressed with her organisational skills, professionalism and just her being a lovely person and bringing the best out of people.

Hayley is an excellent teacher, great company and atmosphere. Hayley is great at being able to identify each individuals needs within a group and tailor the session accordingly. Thank you!” - Valentina R